My Obsession With Baby Blankets

Dec 12, 2013

So have you guessed what this post will be about? That's right, I gave it away in the title. But seriously, I am completely obsessed with baby blankets. When I see a cute one or cozy one or unusual one I always think "what a great little blankie!" and then I buy it. And that is how I've amassed a small (or not so small) collection of baby blankets in all colors and for all seasons. I keep telling myself I've got to stop buying them, after all, I only use two on daily basis (I rotate them depending on the weather). But darn it, there are so many cute ones out there, I just can't resist!

Found this one in IKEA. I wasn't even looking for a blanket, 
but then I found it. Only 14.99! I love IKEA!
It's made of sweater-like cotton knit and is so cute and
happy a Swedish kinda way. 

Also sold at Targret
This organic cotton, double layer blankie is really cozy and soft. 
I had it saved in my baby registry and received it as a gift.
The top is made of cotton velour and the 
reverse side is cotton jersey. The ruffle border ads a sweet touch.
The color is very neutral, so it goes with almost everything.

This adorable, reversible blanket is made out of 6 layers of cotton gauze
for warmth and breathability. How awesome is that?
It sorta resembles aden + anais muslin stroller blankets, 
except it's got more layers to it. I found it on Japanese Amazon.
That's right, I entertain myself by browsing international Amazons. 
I find so much cool stuff that way. 
Very few items from Amazon Japan can be shipped directly to US, 
but luckily there's a simple solution -
 For a very reasonable handling fee, they will 
ship your Japanese purchases to you. The whole process is very
simple and takes about 1 week from the time you place an order till the item 
is at your door.

From the creators of OiOi baby bags, Australian-based Weegoamigo,
presents baby blankets that are crafted of premium double layered cotton knit.
Available in a large selection of fun colors and patterns and sold in hand-made gift boxes.

Stripe Knit Stroller Blanket is knit of cotton yarn and 
Yarn dyed for vibrant, lasting color.

Pure wool, machine washable blanket with adorable Scandinavian animals print.
 I'm a big believer in using natural materials for baby and you can't 
go wrong will wool,which has natural anti bacterial properties. 

Cotton Matelasse Blanket from Pottery Barn Kids.
Reverses to chamois. This blanket is available in a few colors,
each one featuring a cute animal applique. Can be personalized.

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