Mini Buggy XL By Easywalker - Review and Comparison

Aug 23, 2016

Today, I have another lovely stroller to show you, the Mini Buggy XL by Easywalker. I recently reviewed the Easywalker buggy 2016, and this one shares a lot of the same features. Therefore, instead of repeating myself, I will focus on the differences between the two buggies.  

The Mini buggy is available in 6 colors and 2 versions, regular and XL. I was sent the XL buggy in Union Jack Classic for this review, compliments of Baby Jungle.


The first and obvious difference between the Mini buggy and Easywalker buggy is in the design. The Mini buggy was created in collaboration with MINI of BMW Group and features iconic MINI design elements on fabric and wheels. 

While both buggies are gorgeous and made with a lot of attention to detail, the Mini has a few 'extras' which set it apart. The seat on the Mini buggy has a plush liner, which can be conveniently removed for cleaning. There's also a small, removable head pillow for extra comfort.

Although the textiles on the Mini buggy are beautiful and high quality, I prefer the seat fabric of the Easywalker buggy because it's softer to the touch and more breathable.

The seat size and functions are almost identical to the Easywalker buggy: one-hand reclining lever, 4 backrest positions, including completely flat, adjustable leg rest and very easy to adjust, 5-point harness. The seat is roomy and tall and can accommodate a child from birth to 20 kg (with additional 5 kg in the underseat basket). 

The leg rest on the Mini buggy is 4" inches long, as compared to 5" on the Easywalker buggy. 

Among other accessories, Easywalker offers a matching, leatherette covered bumper bar for the Mini buggy, which can be purchased separately. A bumper bar is a very useful stroller accessories, which I highly recommend investing in.


Besides for the design, the XL version of the Mini buggy differs from the Easywalker buggy in two areas: handles and wheels.

Just like on the Easywalker buggy, the handles on the Mini buggy are ergonomically shaped and covered in leatherette. What makes these handles unique is that they are also height adjustable. When extended, the very top of the handles measures 44" from the ground, vs 41.5" on the Easywalker buggy.

The extendable handles are a very convenient feature for taller parents, however this convenience comes with a small downside. There's some minor wiggle in the handles, which is present even when the handles are in the lower position. 

The XL version of the Mini buggy is made with 15 cm wheels, as compared to the 12 cm, on the Easywalker buggy. The larger wheels are better at handling grass and uneven pavement. The Mini buggy XL is also equipped with all-wheel suspension. We have pretty bad pavement near our home, and the ride in the Mini buggy XL was noticeably smoother than in the Easywalker buggy. 

The larger wheels do add a bit more weight, making the Mini buggy XL 8 kg (17.6 lbs) as compared to  Easywalker buggy weighing 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs).

The break pedal on the Mini buggy is a slightly different shape, but it's still flip-flop friendly and functions exactly as on the Easywalker buggy.


Just like on all Easywalker strollers, the canopy on the Mini buggy is very well designed. It is lined and expands to provide superb protection from the elements. The two mesh inserts on either side of the canopy help with air flow, and there's a vinyl viewing window in the back. 

As you can see in the comparison photo, the shape of the canopy on the Mini is different from the Easywalker buggy.  It's designed with 3 panels, giving it a more rounded appearance. Abby, age 1.5 was not very happy when I lowered the canopy over her because it obstructed too much of her view. She preferred the shape of the Easywalker buggy canopy, which extends more forward, rather than down. 


Both, the Mini buggy XL and Easywalker buggy 2016 are gorgeous, luxury umbrella strollers, made to high standards. Both strollers have exceptionally comfortable seats for babies and toddlers alike, and both are travel system compatible with car seat adapters. It's really hard to say which of the two buggies I prefer more, since both have their advantages. 

I really like the larger wheels and the removable, plush seat pad on the Mini buggy. Since I'm petite, I don't need the extendable handles feature, but I can see how it can be a deal breaker for taller parents.

I prefer the pastel colors, the canopy shape and the seat fabric on the Easywalker buggy, though I wish it had larger wheels.

No matter which of these two buggies you choose, rest assured that you're getting a top quality umbrella stroller that your child will love riding in and that you will feel proud pushing! 

A great big THANKS to Baby Jungle for sending a stroller for this review! Baby Jungle is located in the Netherlands and ships worldwide.

Mini Boden Fall 2016 Arrivals + 20% OFF Coupon

Aug 3, 2016

Mini Boden has always been one of my favorite clothing brands for kids. The new Fall 2016 collection has even more styles than before and it's so full of whimsy! I love all the retro inspired floral and woodland prints and the bright, happy colors.

For a limited time, you can get 20% OFF your Boden purchase, plus free shipping & returns on orders of $49+. Use code 3H7B at checkout. 




(Pastel Turquoise Squirrels) 

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Twirly Frill Skirt


Out And About With Mutsy Nexo

Jul 27, 2016

Last week we had some lovely outings with our new Mutsy Nexo stroller. The weather cooperated, Little Missy did her best to cooperate, and mama was in her element, clicking away.

The Nexo fits very well into the urban scene and it's a pleasure to push. This little stroller is very agile and maneuver effortlessly with one hand. 

Ben got a turn in the Nexo as well. He was tired of walking and Abby needed a break from sitting in the stroller. It's funny, how kids go through a "freedom" stage, and when they get a little older and realize freedom is not all it's cut out to be, they want back in the stroller. At 3.5, Ben has a renewed love and appreciation for strollers.

The sunlight is quickly fading. It's been a long day for Little Missy. Now, all she wants is to sit back and meditatively munch on her cereal. I'm glad she's able to prop up her feet and relax.

We really enjoyed getting to know the Mutsy Nexo. As always, detailed review coming soon. Please stay tuned!

Nuna MIXX Jett Nordstrom Exclusive On SALE

Jul 21, 2016

Have you seen the Nuna MIXX Jett collection yet? If not, you absolutely have to check it out! This is a luxury version of the popular Nuna MIXX stroller, available exclusively  at Nordstrom until August 15th. 

The MIXX Jett was inspired by modern, stylish families and features many upgrades and extra attention to detail. It is made with tailor-made textiles in cool grey hues with statement black accents.

The Jett set includes a stroller with reversible seat, an infant bassinet and car seat adapter for the Nuna Pipa.

 Here is a partial list of the Jett exclusive stroller upgrades:

  • Matte black frame
  • Chrome accented black wheels
  • Leatherette covered handlebar and bumper bar
  • Tailor-made tweed textiles
  • Quilted canopy lining
  • Infant Bassinet connects directly with the stroller frame 
  • Bassinet is approved for overnight sleeping
  • Incorporated 'Dream-drape' on bassinet 
  • Bassinet folds flat for storage

The Nuna MIXX Jett collection normally retails for $789.95, however it will be on SALE during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for $591.90. Nordstrom cardholders have an early access through July 21st, then the sale goes live for everyone. 

The Jett set also pairs perfectly with the Nuna Pipa Jett infant car seat. The car seat will cost $261.90 during the Nordsrtom Anniversary sale and will go back up to $349.99 after the sale.

Easywalker Buggy 2016 Review

Jul 19, 2016

Ever since I laid eyes on the original Easywalker Mini stroller, which was followed by Mosey and then an updated version of Mini, I was enthralled. If you're not familiar with Easywalker, it is a Dutch brand, which consistently puts out innovative, high quality strollers and accessories.

The Easywalker buggy is the brand's newest creation and I'm so excited for the opportunity to try out and review it, thanks to Baby Jungle!

You can check out my unboxing post HERE. Now, without further ado...

First Impression 

The new Easywalker Buggy was made to turn heads! It is a fashionable buggy that you will feel proud pushing. In the world of utilitarian looking strollers, this buggy stands out with it's refined textiles, beautiful colors and leatherette details. Lest you think this stroller is all about looks, I'm happy to report that it's made with unparalleled child-comfort features. Suitable for newborns and travel system compatible, the Easywalker buggy has all the features you'd want in a compact stroller.

The buggy is available in 6 beautiful colors. I was sent Paris Brasserie and Vienna Cafe for this review. You can see more pictures of the Paris Brasserie buggy from our day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Stroller width - 18.5" 
  • Handles height - 41.5" (to the top) 
  • Stroller weight - 14 lbs (6.5 kg) 
  • Seat width - 12.5" 
  • Seat depth - 9" (14" when leg rest is extended) 
  • Seat back height - 19.5"  (27" to canopy)
  • Suitable for birth to 44 lbs (20 kg) 


The seat on the Easywalker buggy is roomy and tall. It accommodates children from birth to 44 lbs (20 kg). The seat back measures 19.5" and a whooping 27" inches to canopy! That gives more head room than most strollers on the market, which means even older toddlers will fit into this stroller without having the canopy sitting on their heads.

As you can see in the pictures, both Ben (age 3.5) and Abby (otherwise known as Little Missy, age 1.5) are very comfortable in this buggy. The only place where Ben is starting to outgrow it, is in the leg room. The distance between seat edge and foot rest is 8", which is typical of most umbrella strollers.

The seat has a one-hand lever recline, which is my favorite type of recline mechanism. It adjusts to 4 positions, including completely flat, making it suitable for newborns and allowing children to stretch out comfortably for naps.

The backrest on this buggy is rigid and provides good back support. Many umbrella strollers on the market are made with a hammock-like backrest, which my kids detest.

The buggy also features a leg rest. It adjusts via two small levers underneath. When the leg rest is extended, the total sleeping surface is 33" inches.


The Easywalker buggy is equipped with an XL canopy. There's an extra zip out portion, and when fully extended, the canopy provides superb protection from the elements. It is lined with the same beautiful pastel fabric as the inner sides of the seat, giving the buggy an extra pop of color.

There's a vinyl peek-a-boo window in back of the canopy. It's positioned further back than on most strollers, making it a bit challenging to see the baby when the seat is in the upright position. It's more useful when the seat is reclined.

There are also two mesh ventilation inserts for better air flow. The fabric flap in the back of the canopy can be rolled up on a hot day and there's a snap to hold it in place.


As I mentioned earlier, the textiles on the Easywalker buggy are exquisite! Everything from the stroller outer fabric and seat to the leatherette handles and brushed aluminum frame, exudes quality.

The Easywalker Buggy is available in six colors: Paris Brasserie, Berlin Breakfast, Ibiza Brunch, Milano Melange, Vienna Cafe and Monaco Apero. Each color is so beautiful in it's own way, it's really hard to choose! The buggies have either a light grey or dark grey frame, and light grey or black leatherette covered handles.

The canopy and seat outer are made of durable fabric in refined colors. The Paris Brasserie and Vienna Cafe also feature a subtle circles print. The lining is made of smooth fabric in complimentary, pastel colors.

The seat is well padded and covered in softer, cozier fabric. Depending on the outer color of the stroller, the seat is either heather grey, or charcoal. The leg rest is also covered in a more durable, fabric that is easier to clean. Seriously, this is a buggy that you just can't take your eyes off!


The buggy is equipped with a very user friendly, 5-point harness. The upper straps and lower straps are attached to the same clip, so there's no option of using it as a 3-point harness.

Just like on my Easywalker Mini stroller, which I reviewed last year, the length of the harness is very easy to adjust and it can be done with one hand by lifting up the plastic harness thread peace which is hidden under the shoulder strap pads.

The harness pads are attached with small elastic, which prevents them from slipping down. It's a small detail, but it makes a difference!

The clasp is very easy to open and close for an adult, yet challenging for a young child. It requires squeezing the clip in two places simultaneously, which young kids are not dexterous enough to do.


The buggy rolls along on 4 sets of double wheels with rear-wheel suspension. The front swivel wheels can be locked in a forward-only mode for better handling of grass and mild terrain.

Frankly, the wheels are the only part of this stroller that can be improved upon. Made out of hard foam and measuring 5" (12.5 cm), these wheels are typical of most umbrella strollers. While there's nothing really wrong with them, I feel that the wheels don't quite live up to the high end feel of the rest of this buggy. It would be really great if the wheels were slightly larger and made of hard rubber.


The Easywalker buggy was designed for city use. It pushes very well on smooth pavement and indoors. Anything more becomes a bit of a struggle because of the small wheel size.

Steering is best done with two hands. It's possibly to steer with one hand if necessary, but it's not very comfortable because of the horn handles. Those of you who have experience with umbrella-type strollers will know exactly what I mean.

This buggy is very stable with good weight distribution. I've hung heavy bags off the handles and the buggy does not tip over.


The EW buggy has horn handles, like most umbrella strollers. The handles are covered in leatherette, for a luxurious feel. The very top of the handles is 41.5 inches from the ground. Since I'm petite (5"2), I find the handles to be higher than I'd prefer, but for an average size parent, it should be a perfect height.

Under-seat Storage

While the under-seat basket doesn't appear all that big, it's actually decent for an umbrella stroller. It's easily accessible from the back and from the sides. In the pictures, I have my shoulder bag, a pack of baby wipes and Mr. Wolf in there with room to spare.


There are two connected break pedals, one on each rear wheel. The breaks are flip-flops friendly, being chunky and having rounded edges. They make an audible click, so you know when the breaks are engaged.


The buggy has a typical umbrella-stroller fold, which can be done with your foot and with just one hand supporting the stroller. There's an auto fold lock and a carrying handle on one side in addition to a shoulder carrying strap in the back. As with most umbrella strollers, the folded stroller is narrow and long.

The down side to this type of fold is that the front wheels are resting against the canopy lining. Since it would be a shame to get such a beautiful canopy dirty, and being the crazy lady that I am, I carry along a plastic bag, which I wrap around the front wheels before folding the stroller.


The Easywalker buggy comes with a rain shield included. A variety of other, useful accessories can be purchased separately.

Easywalker offers an optional bumper bar for their buggies, available in 5 colors. Just like the handles, the bumper bar is covered in leatherette.The bumper bar does not have gate opening, but it can be moved up or down for easier access to the seat. It does not need to be removed when folding the stroller.

I was also sent a Summer seat inlay to use with the buggy. It's made out of 3D air mesh fabric and helps to keep a child from sweating in the stroller on a hot day.

Another very convenient thing to have is a parent cup holder. 

Parents of infants may want to use this buggy as a travel system. Easywalker  makes adapters which fit the following infant car seats: Maxi Cosi Cabrio, Maxi Cosi Pebble, Cybex Aton, BeSafe IziGo, Nuna Pipa, and Kiddy Evolution Pro.

In addition to the above mentioned accessories, Easywalker also offers a travel bag for the buggies, a snack tray,  mosquito net, sun parasol, Windshield and a Cocoon to keep baby cozy on cold days.

Conclusion & Ratings

The Easywalker buggy is a luxurious, lightweight and compact stroller, perfect for city dwellers and for travel. It allows parents to easily navigate in tight spaces and crowded places, while providing optimum comfort for a child. The narrow fold and carrying strap makes this buggy convenient for use on public transportation. The buggy can be used from birth to as long as your kids ride in a stroller, due to a flat reclining seat and ample head room.
In addition to all the great features, I think fashionable moms out there would be hard-pressed to find a more attractive umbrella stroller.

1. Beautiful design
2. High quality textiles
3. Completely flat recline
4. One-hand recline mechanism
5. Lightweight & compact
6. Huge canopy with ventilation windows
7. Adjustable leg rest
8. Sturdy
9. Plenty of head room for taller children
10. Shoulder carrying strap
11. Easy to adjust harness
12. Flip-flop friendly break
13. Optional belly-bar
14. Car seat compatible with adapters

1. Small wheels
2. Suspension could be softer
3. Handles too high for petite parents (not a con for everyone)

I very much enjoyed using the Easywalker buggy in the city and it would be my stroller of choice for future travel. The minor drawbacks are really just me being overly-picky and so I decided to give this buggy an overall 5 out of 5 stars rating.

Once again, I'd like to thank for sending these buggies for a review. Baby Jungle is located in the Netherlands and ships worldwide.