Easywalker Unveils New Harvey Tandem Stroller!

Sep 15, 2016

Easywalker has unveiled a brand new stroller at the Kind + Jugend trade show in Cologne this week!

The new addition to the Easywalker family is called Harvey. It is a gorgeous, versatile single stroller which converts into a tandem stroller for two kids. Apparently, I'm not the only one swooning over Harvey. It has been nominated as one of top 3 finalists of the prestigious Kind + Jugend innovation award! Easywalker has really outdone themselves this time!

Here are some of Harvey's awesome features:

  • Reversible seat unit in single more
  • Four reclining positions
  • Removable bumper bar
  • Infant carrycot option
  • Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping
  • Car seat compatible
  • Extendable canopy with mesh ventilation inserts
  • Height adjustable telescopic handle
  • Handle is covered in leatherette
  • Beautiful, high quality textiles 
  • Water repellent textiles
  • Large basket holds upto 5kg
  • One-hand fold
  • All-wheel suspension 
  • Relatively small footprint for a tandem stroller
  • Rain cover included
  • Matching footmuff and other accessories available 
  • Available in 5 colors

Harvey single stroller will retail for €650.

Mountain Buggy Nano 2016 Price Drop

Sep 14, 2016

The Mountain Buggy Nano 2016 (black and ruby colors) just dropped in price on Amazon! It's now listed for $199.99! Amazon prices are fickle and can change at any time, so I don't know if this deal will be around for too long. Here's a screen shot taken at 12:30 AM (don't ask why I'm still up browsing strollers!)

Babyhome Emotion Stroller & More On SALE!

Zulily is having a SALE on Babyhome products. Prices are discounted by up to 70%! You can snag the awesome, lightweight Emotion stroller for just $139.99 (original price $299.99).

Emotion Stroller - $140 (original $300)

Dream Bassinet - $150 (original $150)

Taste High Chair - $75 (was $170)

So-Ro Single Cradle & Table - $120 (was $400)

Mini Buggy XL By Easywalker - Review and Comparison

Aug 23, 2016

Today, I have another lovely stroller to show you, the Mini Buggy XL by Easywalker. I recently reviewed the Easywalker buggy 2016, and this one shares a lot of the same features. Therefore, instead of repeating myself, I will focus on the differences between the two buggies.  

The Mini buggy is available in 6 colors and 2 versions, regular and XL. I was sent the XL buggy in Union Jack Classic for this review, compliments of Baby Jungle.


The first and obvious difference between the Mini buggy and Easywalker buggy is in the design. The Mini buggy was created in collaboration with MINI of BMW Group and features iconic MINI design elements on fabric and wheels. 

While both buggies are gorgeous and made with a lot of attention to detail, the Mini has a few 'extras' which set it apart. The seat on the Mini buggy has a plush liner, which can be conveniently removed for cleaning. There's also a small, removable head pillow for extra comfort.

Although the textiles on the Mini buggy are beautiful and high quality, I prefer the seat fabric of the Easywalker buggy because it's softer to the touch and more breathable.

The seat size and functions are almost identical to the Easywalker buggy: one-hand reclining lever, 4 backrest positions, including completely flat, adjustable leg rest and very easy to adjust, 5-point harness. The seat is roomy and tall and can accommodate a child from birth to 20 kg (with additional 5 kg in the underseat basket). 

The leg rest on the Mini buggy is 4" inches long, as compared to 5" on the Easywalker buggy. 

Among other accessories, Easywalker offers a matching, leatherette covered bumper bar for the Mini buggy, which can be purchased separately. A bumper bar is a very useful stroller accessories, which I highly recommend investing in.


Besides for the design, the XL version of the Mini buggy differs from the Easywalker buggy in two areas: handles and wheels.

Just like on the Easywalker buggy, the handles on the Mini buggy are ergonomically shaped and covered in leatherette. What makes these handles unique is that they are also height adjustable. When extended, the very top of the handles measures 44" from the ground, vs 41.5" on the Easywalker buggy.

The extendable handles are a very convenient feature for taller parents, however this convenience comes with a small downside. There's some minor wiggle in the handles, which is present even when the handles are in the lower position. 

The XL version of the Mini buggy is made with 15 cm wheels, as compared to the 12 cm, on the Easywalker buggy. The larger wheels are better at handling grass and uneven pavement. The Mini buggy XL is also equipped with all-wheel suspension. We have pretty bad pavement near our home, and the ride in the Mini buggy XL was noticeably smoother than in the Easywalker buggy. 

The larger wheels do add a bit more weight, making the Mini buggy XL 8 kg (17.6 lbs) as compared to  Easywalker buggy weighing 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs).

The break pedal on the Mini buggy is a slightly different shape, but it's still flip-flop friendly and functions exactly as on the Easywalker buggy.


Just like on all Easywalker strollers, the canopy on the Mini buggy is very well designed. It is lined and expands to provide superb protection from the elements. The two mesh inserts on either side of the canopy help with air flow, and there's a vinyl viewing window in the back. 

As you can see in the comparison photo, the shape of the canopy on the Mini is different from the Easywalker buggy.  It's designed with 3 panels, giving it a more rounded appearance. Abby, age 1.5 was not very happy when I lowered the canopy over her because it obstructed too much of her view. She preferred the shape of the Easywalker buggy canopy, which extends more forward, rather than down. 


Both, the Mini buggy XL and Easywalker buggy 2016 are gorgeous, luxury umbrella strollers, made to high standards. Both strollers have exceptionally comfortable seats for babies and toddlers alike, and both are travel system compatible with car seat adapters. It's really hard to say which of the two buggies I prefer more, since both have their advantages. 

I really like the larger wheels and the removable, plush seat pad on the Mini buggy. Since I'm petite, I don't need the extendable handles feature, but I can see how it can be a deal breaker for taller parents.

I prefer the pastel colors, the canopy shape and the seat fabric on the Easywalker buggy, though I wish it had larger wheels.

No matter which of these two buggies you choose, rest assured that you're getting a top quality umbrella stroller that your child will love riding in and that you will feel proud pushing! 

A great big THANKS to Baby Jungle for sending a stroller for this review! Baby Jungle is located in the Netherlands and ships worldwide.

Mini Boden Fall 2016 Arrivals + 20% OFF Coupon

Aug 3, 2016

Mini Boden has always been one of my favorite clothing brands for kids. The new Fall 2016 collection has even more styles than before and it's so full of whimsy! I love all the retro inspired floral and woodland prints and the bright, happy colors.

For a limited time, you can get 20% OFF your Boden purchase, plus free shipping & returns on orders of $49+. Use code 3H7B at checkout. 




(Pastel Turquoise Squirrels) 

(Tutu Pink Posy)

(Available in 3 colors)

(Available in 5 colors)

(Available in 3 colors)

Twirly Frill Skirt


Out And About With Mutsy Nexo

Jul 27, 2016

Last week we had some lovely outings with our new Mutsy Nexo stroller. The weather cooperated, Little Missy did her best to cooperate, and mama was in her element, clicking away.

The Nexo fits very well into the urban scene and it's a pleasure to push. This little stroller is very agile and maneuver effortlessly with one hand. 

Ben got a turn in the Nexo as well. He was tired of walking and Abby needed a break from sitting in the stroller. It's funny, how kids go through a "freedom" stage, and when they get a little older and realize freedom is not all it's cut out to be, they want back in the stroller. At 3.5, Ben has a renewed love and appreciation for strollers.

The sunlight is quickly fading. It's been a long day for Little Missy. Now, all she wants is to sit back and meditatively munch on her cereal. I'm glad she's able to prop up her feet and relax.

We really enjoyed getting to know the Mutsy Nexo. As always, detailed review coming soon. Please stay tuned!