AirBuggy Limited Harmony Collection

Mar 23, 2015

AirBuggy has done it again. I'm positively drooling over their new limited edition Harmony Collection! Available in a choice of 3 sorbet colors on a white frame and with tan leather accents, these strollers look so fresh and summery!

The Airbuggy Coco Break is a petite, all terrain stroller. The frame is only 21" wide and weighs 21lb. There's a removable hand break built into the handle, which helps slowing down when your're heading down a hill. The stroller seat is made of breathable materials and the back of the ginormous canopy opens up for ventilation, making this stroller a comfortable, sweat-free ride for your child in hot weather. The Coco features a standing fold and also has a large basket with side zippers for easy access.

Included with AirBuggy strollers is a rain cover, a wheel pump, a bottle holder and a wrist strap.

The Harmony Collection has an approximate shipping date of  April 27th and is available for pre-order.


  1. So is that about 500. U.S. ? and how would I order, does rakuten translate?

  2. Yes, it's $489 to be precise. Your credit card might also charge you a foreign transaction fee.

    If you use Chrome, it will give you an option to translate the page in the upper right corner of your browser. I'm not sure if Air Buggy ships directly to US, you might have to use an intermediary shipping company, Tenso. If that's the case, you need to register with Tenso before making a purchase. It's a very reliable site, I've used it many times to order stuff from Japan. They will charge you a shipping fee based on package weight.
    Hope this helps :-).