The Royal Pram

Jul 6, 2015

Grace and beauty ruled the day as the British Royal Family celebrated it's newest member's, Princess Charlotte's christening. The little Princess looked like a picture-book baby in her antique-replica ivory lace christening gown.

Of course her mother, the lovely Duchess of Cambridge was exquisite as always, wearing Alexander McQueen white coat dress and Jane Taylor fascinator hat.

Prince George looked like a little cherub. Photographers have captured a really precious moment when the soon to be 2 year old big brother, got up on tiptoes to sneak a peak at his baby sister.

Looking over the pictures I must confess, that though the Royal Family are beautiful indeed, what captivated my attention most as a strollerholic and an antiques enthusiast, was the royal PRAM.

Of course I had to know all about it, the mark, the history...

As it turns out, the gorgeous pram used to wheel Princess Charlotte to church is a family heirloom. It is a Millson Prince vintage pram which was originally used by the Queen Mother for Charles, Edward and Andrew. The giant, pram looks more like a coach and has carried regal babies to royal events for over 50 years.

Tradition means everything to royalty. Never mind that they have much better, newer, more user friendly prams noweadays. You will do it the way grandma did it, because if it was good enough for her, it's good enough for you! 

Prince Andrew with The Queen and Anne

Prince Edward being pushed in the pram in 1965

Of course, I have to admit, that going by appearance alone (never mind user-friendliness), the Millson pram, just like the classic Silver Cross prams that can be purchased today, is at the height of pram-fashion. I suppose it's the most fitting for royalty after all.

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