Out And About With Mutsy Nexo

Jul 27, 2016

Last week we had some lovely outings with our new Mutsy Nexo stroller. The weather cooperated, Little Missy did her best to cooperate, and mama was in her element, clicking away.

The Nexo fits very well into the urban scene and it's a pleasure to push. This little stroller is very agile and maneuver effortlessly with one hand. 

Ben got a turn in the Nexo as well. He was tired of walking and Abby needed a break from sitting in the stroller. It's funny, how kids go through a "freedom" stage, and when they get a little older and realize freedom is not all it's cut out to be, they want back in the stroller. At 3.5, Ben has a renewed love and appreciation for strollers.

The sunlight is quickly fading. It's been a long day for Little Missy. Now, all she wants is to sit back and meditatively munch on her cereal. I'm glad she's able to prop up her feet and relax.

We really enjoyed getting to know the Mutsy Nexo. As always, detailed review coming soon. Please stay tuned!


  1. Such a lovely post with beautiful pictures! This version of the Mutsy seems to be quite compact and light. We are looking into one and I wonder how you feel about folding it and/or going up and down the stairs? Thank you so much – Nhung :)

  2. Hi NavyLee,

    Folding is really easy once you've gotten the hang of it. I don't usually carry the folded stroller up the stairs, but bump it up on it's rear wheels. That works well for me. You can read my detailed review of the Nexo here http://www.dailybabyfinds.com/2016/09/mutsy-nexo-stroller-review.html