Warmest Stroller Footmuffs For Winter 2016-2017

Jan 9, 2017

Winter weather sneaked up on me this year. Since November and part of December temperatures were rather mild, I chose to be in denial about real Winter's eminent arrival until it was upon us. Now that the weather turned frigid, it's time to consider gearing up your stroller against the elements. 

A stroller footmuff is a great and indispensable invention! It will do so much more towards keeping your child cozy in the stroller during the Winter months, than a blanket ever could. Most footmuffs are weatherproof and much warmer than a regular blanket. Some are even filled with goose down for superior warmth. No reason to hide indoors with your babies, get out and enjoy life!

When searching for REALLY warm and attractive footmuffs, I've found that the options available in the USA are rather limited. So, I turned my attention to international brands and found exactly what I was looking for! Thankfully, the world became a much smaller place and all of the options posted here can be shipped worldwide.

All of these footmuffs are universal and can be used on any stroller.

Elodie Details stroller footmuff Bedouin stories
Available in a variety of colors and patterns
Ships Worldwide
Price: $103 (on SALE)

Voksi Urban down footmuff metallic
Comes with length extension
Available in 8 colors 
Ships Worldwide
Price: $102

7 AM Enfant Blanket 212 evolution footmuff
Come with length extention
Available in 13 colors
Price: $189 (save 20% with code JAN20)

Australian shearling stroller footmuff
Available in 2 colors
Price: $179

Bugaboo stroller sleeping bag
Available in 4 colors
Price: $189

down stroller sleeping bag red
Available in 6 colors
Ships Worldwide
Price: $74

Stokke stroller footmuff down
Available in 6 colors
Price: $160 - $200

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