Bundling Up - Best Stroller Footmuffs For 2015

Jan 5, 2015

It's that time of year again when a baby blanket is just not gonna cut it when it comes to staying warm in the stroller. For those of you who don't like to hide with your kids indoors during the winter months, a warm stroller sleeping bag is a good investment. Here are some of the warmest and cutest footmuffs that I've found. 

Voksi, a Norwegian brand makes some of the most amazing footmuffs I've ever seen. All Voksi sleeping bags are made only of natural materials, such as wool, cotton and goose dawn. They are completely weather-proof and ultra-warm, intended for harsh Scandinavian winters. The Voksi Urban footmuff is available in six colors and comes with a length extension so that it can be used from newborn to toddler. 

For those with down allergies, this wool-filled 
footmuff is a great alternative.
Wool has temperature regulating properties and 
will keep your child warm and dry.
Comes with a penguin fleece pillow.

You can order Air Buggy products from Japan or 
AirBuggy Beachwalk in Honolulu.
Available in 16 colors.
This footmuff is lined in fluffy fleece and filled 
with down and feathers.
Five point harness compatible.

Available in 11 colors and two sizes.
Front panel  is completely detachable 
and can be used as a blanket.

Available in 16 colors!

Available in 6 colors.
Sheepskin liner is removable for warmer weather.
The footmuff opens up flat. 
The bottom can be zipped off for taller kids
or to let dirty shoes stick out.

Handmade out of ecological lambskin.
The cover is completely detachable, 
so that the bottom portion can 
be used as a stroller liner.

Also available in blue Fox print.
Top portion is detachable.

I love the tribal print!

A note on ordering from Japan; 
Not all Japanese website offer international shipping. Tenso.com is a shipping intermediary company. I've used them a few times and they are very reliable and professional. You can register on their website and use their shipping weight calculator to estimate their shipping fees.


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