It's A Girl!

Jan 3, 2015

Hello lovelies! It's been so long since my last post. This blog came to a screeching halt due to little Missy's arrival in November.

Born 8lb 15oz (All those cookies I ate had to go somewhere.)
Hobbies: Eating and pooping. 
Sleeping - not so much.

Born with a full head of hair, a manicure and the roundest cheeks I've ever seen on a newborn, little Missy is a show-stopper. Her 19 months old big brother finds little Missy to be an exotic creature. He likes to observe her from a safe distance. Overall, he's pretty sympathetic to her needs, except for when he wants me to play with him, in which case he points to a stroller and says "Put baby down".
 As for mama, I'm only just starting to emerge somewhat from the sleep deprived daze that I've been in for the past two months. Hopefully, I'll be back to reviewing baby products and bringing you the latest sales and deals on a more regular basis, so please stay tuned.

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