Favorite Toys - 6 Months

May 28, 2015

When it comes to toys, I'm a big believer that "less is more". Instead of overloading Little Missy with too many toys, I prefer to be selective and buy high quality toys that won't overstimulate her, but will hold her interest and encourage exploration. 

Currently, the 5 in the picture are Little Missy's personal favorites. 

Made of solid piece of natural rubber and free from phtalates, colors, pvc, evatane, silcone & bpa. This one is a life savor for a teething baby! The gently textured surface massages irritated gums and I have a piece of mind knowing that my baby is not sucking on harmful chemicals. 

This dog and other Farm Buddies are made of organic cotton. Boxer is really cute and easy for baby to grasp. Little Missy like sucking on his paws and fingering all the little details like the bow-tie, ears and tail. Even the tag is a point of interest. As an added bonus, this dogie is also a rattle.

Made of 100% Pure Natural Rubber and colored with certified non-toxic, food-grade paint. Hermetically sealed design prevents the accumulation of bacteria, mold and dirt. The different ridges and textures on the Seahorse and the bright yellow color hold Little Missy's attention. Whenever I hand her this toy, her eyes light up and she grabs it enthusiastically. 

4. Winkel Color Burst Rattle by Manhattan Toy
The center holds a rattle and the soft wires are easy to grasp with hands or feet! This picture was not posed. My little monkey started off with the rattle in her hands, then she dropped it and caught it with her feet. Needless to say, mommy was very impressed with this display of dexterity. I guess this toy is excellent for developing baby's motor skills.

5. LEKA Playbook from IKEA
This book is made of fabric and is just the right size and weight for baby to hold comfortably. The pages show various 3-dimensional animals. A variety of textures, patterns and crinkly sounds provide a sensory experience for your baby. This little book is very high quality, yet costs only $6. Gotta love IKEA!

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