New Mountain Buggy Swift 2015

Jun 1, 2015

Mountain Buggy has updated most of their strollers for Summer 2015.  The Urban Jungle, Swift, Mini +One, and Terrain strollers, all  feature many improvements. All of these strollers now have a more compact standing fold with a one-hand fast fold mechanism, just like on the new Urban Jungle Luxury Collection stroller. 

I'd like to talk specifically about the changes to the Swift stroller (or Swift V3), since it's my favorite in the Mountain Buggy lineup. 
What I always liked about the Swift is it's compactness. Well, for 2015 Swift is even more compact! The width is now 58cm (22.8 inches) and the length is 83cm (33 inches). The stroller now weighs 9kg (20lb). This makes Swift one of the most compact all-terrain strollers on the market. Despite the petite size and relatively light weight, Swift still features 10" air filled wheels. The front wheel swivel locking mechanism has been updated from an awkward turning knob to a simple lever which you press down to keep the wheel stationary. 

Other notable improvements to Swift:
  1. The fast-folding mechanism is now located under the seat.
  2. Hidden automatic frame lock
  3. More compact standing fold
  4. Handbrake, with green 'go' and red 'stop' indicators
  5. Longer seat back to accommodate taller kids
  6. Softer, durable canvas fabric 
  7. Reversible seat liner
  8. Peekaboo window with silent magnetic closure
  9. New bright color options - choice of 4 primary and 4 secondary colors
  10. Compatible with Swift Carrycot Plus (a carrycot that converts into a parent facing seat)
  11. Compatible with new Food Tray
As in the previous version of Swift, the new one has a flat recline, adjustable handle bar, nifty curb pop, 10" air tires, tail-free five point harness, zip-off seat fabric and 20lb maximum weight capacity. 

Swift is compatible with freerider stroller board and converts into a travel system with an infant car seat.

All in all the new Swift looks like a smart little stroller and I'm looking forward to test driving.
Swift 2015 will retail for $399 and will be available sometime in July, along with all the other updated Mountain Buggy models.

Compact standing fold

Carrycot Plus

Carrycot Plus converted to a parent facing seat


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