AirBuggy Coco Premier Stroller Review

Aug 22, 2015

Everyone knows, there is no such thing as a perfect stroller. We all have different stroller needs, depending on our life-style, personal taste and preferences, kids age, budget, etc. When Sue from Lehi, Utah was searching for a stroller for her daughter, she had something very specific in mind. In her research, Sue came across the AirBuggy Coco Premier stroller here on Daily Baby and was instantly intrigued. She e-mailed me to get more information on this stroller, and after some deliberation, took the plunge and ordered it. 

Since AirBuggy strollers are not yet available in the United States (except Hawaii), Sue ended up having the stroller shipped from Japan. After using the AirBuggy Coco Premier for some time, she agreed to share with us her experience with this stroller and to provide pictures.

Before continuing, here are some specs for reference:

Stroller width - 21" (53.5 cm) 
Stroller length - 38" (96 cm)
Stroller weight - 22 lb (10 kg)

Seat width - 11"
Seat depth - 9"
Seat back height -  20" (51 cm)
Edge of seat to footrest - 9" (22 cm)
Suitable for - 3 months to 44 lb (20kg)
(Can be used from birth as a travel system with Maxi-Cosi car seats)

Questions I asked Sue about the AirBuggy
 stroller and her answers:

1. When you were looking for a stroller, what were your your needs and which features did you want the stroller to have?

Well, I was looking for something with off road capability for walking but not huge like a Bob. I'm only 5'1 and I am battling chronic Lyme disease so lifting something heavy constantly in and out of the car was out of the question.

I also wanted the stroller to be narrow enough to comfortable negotiate Target isles. My little girl is nearly 4 and pretty small still (30lb, 36 inches tall). Sometimes, like me she gets tired and weary of public places. She needed a place to chill and also sometimes just be restrained and I can't lift her up into shopping carts on some days.

2. What made you decide to import a stroller from Japan?

I had seen this little buggy on your website and fell in love with the compact and sturdy design, the color combos and the very appealing overall look. It had a very classic Japanese design feel to it. Small, efficient, well built, beautiful.

3. Besides for AirBuggy, what other strollers were you considering? What swayed your decision in favor of AirBuggy? 

Well, originally I had a Valco Baby snap 4 for 2 yrs and loved it. Very light and full function. However as baby grew, she still needed to nap in it and since there is no leg rest, she would roll up in the stroller and tip it over backwards.That won't do! Besides, I wanted an off road capable stroller. 

I also tried the Honest Company's version of the City Mini Gt. I really liked it too, but was still annoyed at lack of leg rest. Also, though the canopy had enough head room while open, it would sit behind my daughter's head pushing it forward when folded back. Overall it was a great little stroller as well, but I sold it and bought the AirBuggy. 

4. Where did you order your AirBuggy Coco?

I ordered it on Rakuten Global.

5. Was the ordering process simple?

Yes and no. Initially, I had some trouble because I forgot to use my Chase international card. Once that was done, everything was smooth. I highly recommend using an international credit card and warning them ahead of time of your purchase to prevent any security hold ups.

6. How long did shipping take?

Only about a week! 

7. What was your first impression of Coco Premier upon taking it out of the box?

WOW!!! Absolutely beautiful!

8. How long have you been using the stroller now? 

About 6 weeks. 

9. How do you find the stroller in use? (Pushing/steering, fold, child comfort, quality of materials, etc.)

Overall I am pleased with the stroller. The push is smooth, like butter! Steering, as well. The fold could be better, as I like it to fold inward not outward, but it has a convenient little kickstand! 

Child comfort is great! While it does not have a leg rest the angle of the leg drop and foot rest at bottom are intelligently placed to avoid leg dangle and fatigue for toddlers. Though the stroller is deceptively small, it has a generous seat for older kids. I am truly amazed that despite the stroller's tiny footprint my daughter fits in it very well. 

The Hood is SUPER sized and very comprehensive. Comes down very far and best of all gets far out of the way while pushed back. The quality of the materials is top notch as is the frame and build.

10. What are some of your favorite features of AirBuggy Coco Premier? 

Well, as I said before, the quality is there for sure, the comfort and ease of use. 
I love the SUPER HUGE canopy and the colors. Oh my gosh! Those colors! 

I like the little extras, like the compact tire pump, leather wrapped handle, insulated water bottle holster and hand-break grab bar. The stroller also came with a rain cover. I think every upscale stroller should come with most of these accessories and AirBuggy did not disappoint! 

I also bought the Maxi Cosi car seat adapters and a cute seat liner to go with the stroller.

11. What in your opinion can be improved upon in this stroller? 

Hmmm, as much as I love this stroller, the one thing I do think needs to change is the stance. The wheel base is very narrow, this is great when shopping, not so great when on a slight incline it nearly tips over sideways. Of course adding to the width would make the stroller less compact, so it's a trade-off. You also simply need to be careful on any incline no matter what the wheel base is. 

12. Are you happy with your decision to purchase this stroller and would you recommend it to others? 

Overall I would say yes! 
My husband would prefer a 4-wheel stroller. I wish they would make a 4 wheel model of this buggy, that would be heavenly! But I would definitely recommend this stroller, even the way it is. 

The price may not be for everyone, but it's less than some other high-end brands. 

Overall I love this little stroller. If someone is small like me and maybe has some health challenges but still wants to get out and do stuff, or lives in an urban setting with very little room this is an excellent choice!

13. If you had to give Coco Premier a rating, how many stars out of 5 would you give? 

Seat Unit: 5+ 
Very comfy! 

Push/Steering: 5+ 
Like I said..butter! 

Off-road: 4+ 
Wheels could be a tad larger and maybe a 4 wheel option, but pretty good. 

Would like it to fold in to protect the seat fabric and have a carrying handle. 

Overall Rating: 4+ 
With a few tweaks this really could be a 10!!!

Thank you Sue for being so accommodating and taking the time to tell us all about this stroller!

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  1. We have this stroller too and absolutely love it! I've heard rumors about Air Buggy entering the US market, but I am not sure if it's true. We are glad we bought it while in Japan.