Mamas & Papas Urbo 2 Stroller Review

Oct 27, 2015

Let's face it, we're all swayed by looks. When I first saw the Mamas & Papas Urbo 2 stroller, I thought 'That is one GORGEOUS baby car!' After experiencing this stroller in use, I can tell you, there is much more to it than just looks.

I'm so excited to be able to tell you everything about the Urbo 2, thanks to Baby's Den, who provided a stroller for this review.

First Impression

The Urbo 2 by Mamas & Papas is a very attractive, sleek, compact, full featured, high end stroller. Yes, I know that's a mouthfull, but that is Urbo 2 in a nutshell. Everything on this stroller, from the aluminum frame to the leatherette details to the quilted seat has a very refined look to it. If you're the type who appreciates aesthetic, you will enjoy the fine details on the Urbo 2. 

Don't think, however, that this stroller is looks only. It is very versatile, and can accommodate newborns and toddlers alike, with a reversible seat, tall seat back, flat recline and infant carrycot option. It is also travel system compatible with adapters.  

The Urbo 2 has been updated with front and rear wheel suspension, a taller seat, a more upright seat position, an improved canopy with a mesh ventilation panel and an integrated insect net.

This stroller is offered in 5 gorgeous colors plus a few limited edition options, including a whimsical forest and foxes pattern by Donna Wilson. 

Included with the stroller are an insect/sun shield, rain cover and a tether strap. Various matching accessories, like a Cold Weather Plus footmuff, sun parasol, and Ellis shoulder diaper bag are also available. 

Dimensions & Weight

Stroller width - 21"
Stroller length - 30"
Handlebar height - 34-41"
Stroller weight with seat - 20 lb 

Seat width - 10"
Seat depth - 9.5"
Seat back height - 21"
Edge of seat to foot rest - 10.5"

Suitable for: birth to 50 lb

Seat Unit

The seat on the Urbo 2 is incredibly plush and comfortable. It looks deceptively small, but is actually plenty roomy. The best part is that the backrest is actually taller than on many similar strollers, which means a toddler will fit in this stroller longer. According to my measurements, the back of the seat is 21" inches!

I've tested the stroller out with 11 months old Little Missy, and with Ben, who is 2.5 years old. Little Missy was perfectly comfortable in the seat. She did not complain even once when sitting in this stroller. Ben fit very well too. His feet don't quite reach the foot-rest yet, which means he still has growing room. The canopy, when opened is not sitting on his head and width-wise, he is not squeezed into the seat. This is really reassuring, because I am now convinced that the Urbo 2 can be an option for as long as your child rides in a stroller.

The seat unit is reversible, allowing your child to face the parent or the world. Since babies under the age of 1 feel more secure when they can make eye contact with their care-giver, I think having a reversible seat is imperative for that age group.

To lift the seat off the frame, two buttons need to be pressed simultaneously on either side. This mechanism is pretty typical of reversible-seat strollers. To click the seat into the chassis, you need to align both prongs exactly. Something about the shape of the mounting brackets made this step a bit fidgety the first few times I tried it. Not too bad, but not as effortless as some other strollers I've used. After I got the hang of it, this process became more intuitive. I would not even mention this if it wasn't for the fact that the stroller only folds with the seat facing the world. Whenever you need to fold the stroller, you will have to reverse the seat if it's in the parent-facing mode.

The seat has a one-hand recline lever and reclines completely flat, making it newborn friendly. As you can see, the seat has padded sides as well, for ultimate comfort and protection.

A leatherette covered bumper bar is included with the stroller. It has gate opening on both sides and swings away for convenient access to the seat. I absolutely love having a bumper bar, since it gives me an extra piece of mind, in case one of the kiddos manages to undo the harness. The kids also like to lean forward on the bumper bar and Little Missy loves propping up her feet on it when in reclined position. Kudos to Mamas & Papas for including a bumper bar with the Urbo 2 and for making it so user-friendly (now if only they would add a bumper to the Armadillo Flip stroller, they'd make a lot of parents very happy).


As I mentioned before, the seat fabric is very soft and plush. This is not one of those seats you'd want to hide with a seat liner. The fabric is breathable and feels good against the skin. The fabric on the canopy and the harness pads has a slight bumpy texture, which makes it more interesting looking. 

Unfortunately, the luxurious seat fabric on the Urbo 2 is not removable or machine washable. Mamas & Papas recommends sponge cleaning the stroller with mild soap.


You might know from reading my other reviews how particular I am about having a leg rest on a stroller. I might sound like a broken record by now, but who's want to sleep with their legs dangling down? 

The leg rest on the Urbo 2 is fully padded, just like the seat. It adjusts to 2 positions and allows for long, comfortable naps in the stroller as well as quick diaper changes.

The leg rest also has a hidden compartment on the reverse, which stores the bug/sun shield. This netting is attached, so it will never get lost. Once pulled out, the shield can snap to the sides of the canopy to keep it in place. This is a neat 'EXTRA' feature that is not commonly found on strollers. Usually, you'd have to buy all accessories separately and stand the risk of loosing them because they're not integrated. 

There's a metal foot plate attached to the frame under the leg rest. The distance between the edge of seat and foot rest is 10.5" inches. This gives your kiddo ample room for growth. 


Urbo 2 is equipped with quite a large canopy which is fully lined for optimum protection from the elements. The front of the canopy has an integrated visor which can be tucked in or pulled out as needed. There's a magnetic Peek-a-boo window with a clear plastic insert. There are benefits and drawbacks to a plastic peek-a-boo window. The benefit is that when it's raining or snowing, you can still check on your child without allowing any moisture in. The drawback is that the plastic is reflective and it may be uncomfortable for the eyes in strong sunlight.

What I absolutely love about the Urbo 2 canopy is that the back panel can be unzipped to reveal a mesh insert. This feature would provide better air circulation on a hot day and functions as a second peek-a-boo window.

There's also a loop in the front of the canopy where a toy can be attached. 

One glitch with this canopy is that when you pull it up while having the seat in the reclined position, often times it will pull up the seat together with it.


The buckle is a puzzle piece. You must align the upper clips together just so, in order to insert them together into the crotch clasp. It takes practice. This is not a buckle that you will close in 2 seconds, at least not initially. The good news is that it is a 'break apart' buckle. 

The harness can only be used as a 5-point and does not give you the option to leave out the upper straps and use the buckle as a 3-point.


The Urbo 2 is intended for City use. It has very responsive steering which can be done comfortably with one hand. The stroller turns effortlessly and can be maneuvered in tight Urban spaces. If you're wondering about curb-pop, it is there to some extent. If the child in the stroller is not very heavy, pressing down on the handlebar will raise the front wheels. With heavier kids, pushing down on the bar between the rear wheels with your foot might be necessary in order to mount a curb.

The front swivel wheels can be locked in the forward position for rougher terrain. Unfortunately, the wheels are rather small (7" rear wheels and 6" front wheels) and don't handle raised terrain or large cracks in the pavement too well. The stroller tends to stumble over any obstacle.

As far as suspension goes, even though it's there in the wheels, it is pretty rigid and does not absorb pumps in the road. This to me is the most disappointing  glitch in the otherwise great stroller.

Occasionally, while pushing and turning, I heard a bit of a gritty sound of metal scraping on metal. I'm not sure which part of the stroller the sound came from and if it is only present on my stroller. I suppose that's the flip side of having minimum of plastic parts. Perhaps dosing the hinges with some WD40 would take care of that.


The telescopic handle is height adjustable. What's really cool is that you can slide it all the way down to 34" to make the stroller even more compact in tight spaces like elevators or on public transportation. The highest handlebar position is 41" from the ground. Of course, you can adjust the handle to be anywhere in between the lowest and highest position.

The handlebar is covered in the same faux leather material as the bumper bar and various in color between the various Urbo 2 stroller color options.

There's a runaway strap attached to the handlebar. Personally I doubt you'll ever need it with this stroller unless you're heading down a very steep hill. 

Under-seat Storage

The basket looks misleadingly small, but I was pleasantly surprised how roomy it actually is. While it can't compare with gigantic baskets on some competitive strollers like the UPPAbaby Cruz
and Nuna MIXX, it does hold pretty much all basic baby necessities and more. You can stuff either a large diaper bag into the basket or a bunch of smaller items like a purse, blanket, toys and snacks. The basket is really easy to access, because the seat it positioned higher up on the frame. You can put items into the basket from the sides as well as from the back. When the leg rest is lifted up, the basket can also be accessed from the front of the stroller.

The Fold

The fold on the Urbo 2 is very simple, but must be done with two hands. As mentioned before, the seat must be in the forward-facing position in order for the stroller to fold. Two buttons on either side are pressed simultaneously for the stroller to collapse. 

There's an automatic frame lock, but it doesn't always engage. I'd recommend checking on the lock before lifting the stroller in the folded position.

I really like that the stroller can rest on either all 4 wheels when folded, or can stand upright, leaning on the front wheels and on the edge of frame. Obviously, the stroller can also be rolled along when resting on 4 wheels. 

The Break

Both rear wheels have and independent break. The breaks are advertised as "flip-flop friendly", but I didn't find it to be so. The break mechanism is pretty tight. You need to apply pressure both when stepping down on it and when lifting it up. While engaging the break can be done is any shoes, I doubt that releasing the break will be very comfortable in flip-flops. 

Recap & Ratings

Plain and simple, the Mamas & Papas Urban 2 stroller is gorgeous! I feel proud walking down the street with it. It's really comfortable for infants and toddlers alike and offers a variety of configurations with optional matching bassinet, reversible seat or car seat. Because of this stroller's compact frame, slide-in handlebar and one hand responsive steering, it is great for navigating tight spaces. The tall seat back and the ample distance between the edge of seat and foot rest allows plenty of room for growth. There are 'extra' features on the Urban 2 that are not commonly found on other strollers, like a ventilation panel in the canopy and an integrated insect net.
While this stroller might be a great choice for City use, I would not recommend it for parents who plan on venturing anywhere off-road, as the wheels are small and the suspension does not sufficiently absorb bumps.


1. Reversible seat
2. One-hand, flat recline
3. Adjustable leg-rest
4. Swing away bumper bar
5. Luxurious seat fabric
6. Adjustable handlebar
7. Canopy with mesh ventilation panel
8. Standing fold
9. Attractive design
10. Included accessories


1. Not terrain friendly
2. Folds only with seat facing forward
3. Basket is on the smaller side
4. Rigid suspension
5. Fabrics are not removable or machine washable

I've decided to give the Urbo 2 four out of five starts. If Mamas & Papas would update this stroller to fold with the seat facing in either direction, larger, more terrain friendly wheels, softer suspension and a larger basket, this stroller would be a dream ride!

Once again, I'd like to thank The Baby's Den, for providing a stroller for this review. No other compensation was received and as always, all the opinions are entirely my own. 

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