Nuna Tavo Stroller - First Impression

Oct 29, 2015

The Nuna Tavo is a stroller I've been really looking forward to since it was first announced. It is the newest stroller in the Nuna family and is somewhat of a cross between the Nuna MIXX and the Nuna Pepp.

After playing around with this stroller, I can tell you that it was totally worth the wait! Tavo is such a great stroller, befitting of the Nuna name. It is a prefect balance of child comfort and parent convenience. 

The Tavo has a really awesome push, with all wheel suspension, a spacious, flat reclining seat, huge basket and a great canopy. I honestly haven't been this excited about a stroller in a long time! There's really nothing missing from this stroller and I have a feeling that it will be a big hit this year.

I will post a full, detailed review soon. In the meantime, Little Missy and I are off to exploit this ride!

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