Baby Jogger City Tour Unboxing

Dec 20, 2016

The new Baby Jogger City Tour is here! Can you believe a stroller fits into that small box? It's magic, I tell you! 

Little Missy couldn't wait get everything out of the box and assembled. Apparently, the new stroller excitement I always feel is contagious.
Lucking, assembly took only 2 minutes! It was as easy as unfolding the frame, and popping in the wheels.

Included in the box with the stroller was a neat carrying case for traveling.

First impression was very good. The stroller is agile and maneuvers amazingly well in tight spaces. Little Missy climbed right in and was even able to buckle herself (yes, we are talented when it comes to buckles). 

We will take a little time to get to know this petite stroller and I will be posting a full review soon. Please stay tuned!

I'd like to thank Baby's Den for providing this stroller for a review! As always, all the opinions are entirely my own.

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