Elodie Details Footmuff Review

Jan 26, 2017

Elodie Details stroller bag

I've been looking for a very warm, yet attractive and feminine footmuff for Little Missy.
The Elodie Details stroller bag in the Bedouin Stories pattern fit the bill perfectly, and so it joined our collection of stroller accessories. 

Elodie Details is a Sweedish brand of fashionable baby items, which are sold in over 30 countries. Sadly USA is not yet one of those countries, but will hopefully join the list sometime in the next few years. In the mean time, Elodie products can be imported from the UK and the process is simple and surprisingly speedy. Hopefully, my review of Elodie Details footmuff and matching hat will be helpful to whoever is in the market for these items.

Let me start of by saying that a footmuff is a really great invention! Because it attaches to the stroller, it will not slip down and get caught in the wheels, the way a blanket might. Also, footmuffs are generally weather-proof and much, much warmer than a blanket.

There are many warm footmuffs on the market to choose from, but like I mentioned before, I was craving something out of the ordinary and feminine. 


The Elodie Details stroller bags are available in many beautiful colors and patterns. I chose the Bedouin Stories color scheme. This pattern in pastel tones is very refined looking. It consists of pale grey and dusty pink with touches of teal and pale aqua. In one way or another this palette matches most of my strollers and adds some pizzazz.

The footmuff comes in a zip-up bag with handles. Included in the bag is an information card which basically lists all of the footmuff's features. 

Elodie Details footmuff review


The Elodie Details footmuff is quite generous is size, measuring 100 x 53 cm (39.4 x 20.4 inches). My two year old daughter fits very well into it with plenty of wiggle room.

The outer fabric is 100% polyester, treated with a special BIONIC-FINISH® ECO coating to make it windproof and water-resistant. The inner is lined in soft micro-fleece. The footmuff has a substantial weight and feels very fluffy and warm.

Caring for Elodie Details footmuff is so easy! It is machine washable and can even be tumble-dried at low temperature. I haven't had the chance to test it out in the wash yet, but I love the idea of it being so low maintenance. 

The footmuff has openings for a five point harness, making it compatible with most strollers on the market. 
There's a zipper on both ends and the top portion can be completely zipped off, leaving the underside as a cozy stroller liner. There's also an option to fold down the cover partially and snaps to keep it in place.

Warmest stroller footmuff review

On the reverse side, there's a pocket at the top, which goes over the stroller backrest and hold the footmuff in place. Some footmuffs from other brands also have a non-slip coating in the back, but this feature was left out on the Elodie footmuff. Truthfully, I don't feel it's necessary in this case. The pocket is effective enough in preventing the footmuff from sliding down.

The elasticized upper is meant to be used as a hood in cold or windy weather, or folded around the stroller's backrest. Since it's pretty shallow, it is only effective as a hood for very small babies. 

Elodie Details makes a lot of beautiful accessories to match their stroller bags, including pacifiers, hats, blankets and rain shields. I ordered a winter hat in the same Bedouin Stories pattern to go with the footmuff. The hat is exceptional quality and  very warm. Just like the footmuff, the hat is treated with ecological finish to be weather-proof and is lined in cozy micro-fleece. It runs true to size (Little Missy is wearing size 2-3).

Girls winter hat with pompom


The first time I zipped up my daughter into the Elodie Detail stroller bag, she was so cozy and content, she went right to sleep. As luck would have it, it started to rain when we were on our nature walk, so I was able to witness the footmuff's water-resistant qualities. The droplets stayed on the surface and did not get absorbed. Little Missy continued sleeping peacefully for two hours, oblivious of the rain. Needless to say, mommy was so pleased!

The only thing that's missing on this stroller bag is an opening at the bottom for the feet, in case you'd want your child to be wearing shoes. Also, keep in mind that because the footmuff is so fluffy, not all strollers would fold with it on. 

Other than that, I am perfectly thrilled with the Elodie Details footmuff! It's roomy, very warm, stylish, weather-proof, low maintenance and fits most strollers. Did I mention how beautiful it is? 

Mutsy Nexo stroller


In USA, Elodie Details Footmuffs are available at Petite Marvels Boutique. You can also order Elodie stroller bag and matching hat from Amazon UK. Currently many color options are on sale and YES, they ship to United States! The shipping charges are very reasonable and the order takes about 5 business days to arrive. Also, keep in mind that the price you'll be seeing in Amazon searches includes tax that will actually be deducted during checkout if you live in the States. 

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