Playtime New York Show Highlights

Feb 14, 2017

Over the weekend, we had loads of fun, attending the Play Time New York show at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan. Playtime is an absolutely stunning trade show for children's brands. It runs in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Berlin. The New York show featured 180 international and local exhibitors, displaying kids and baby fashion, shoes, accessories, nursery decor, toys and gifts.

I've been to other trade shows before, but this was my first time attending Playtime, and I was so impressed with how beautiful and pleasant it was. The atmosphere was calm and  every single booth was a small magical place to be discovered. 

There was a feeling of authenticity and community at the show. A lot of the businesses were family owned and manufactured their products in their home-towns with an emphasis on quality and sustainability. There were also plenty of hand-made businesses, which I'm always a big fan of. 
Most of the booths were represented by the actual owners, artists  and designers of the brands and it was really great to see the face behind the creative products and learn their individual stories.

While every booth was extremely attractive, here are some exhibitors that stood out for me.

OF UNUSUAL KIND  - Is a collection of whimsically modern paper dolls, created and hand illustrated by Anja Kroencke in New York. Of Unusual Kind is a celebration of paper craft, exquisite pattern and unique, individual style. 

Playtime New York

Of Unusual Kind paper dolls

LOUISE MISHA  - Created by two friends and inspired by travels, the brand features bohemian, nostalgic fashions for babies and kids. At the request of many mothers, there's now also a women's collection in the same distinct style.

Louise Misha baby romper

KALINKA - Based in Bulgaria, Kalinka is a brand of classic, hand-knitted garments for babies and kids. The softest Merino wool, imported from Peru, is used to knit Kalinka styles. Each piece is made with love by Bulgarian grandmothers, utilizing centuries-old traditions passed down through generations.  

GOOSE GREASE -  Family owned and run business, based in Brooklyn, NY, Goose Grease creates wooded dolls, made of sustainably harvested wood, hand-chiseled and hand-painted. All materials used in production are non-toxic and water based, making these dolls safe for kids of all ages. There are many doll collections to choose from and your kids can even paint their own family of dolls!

Playtime New York

EASY PEASY - Is a French brand of stylish baby shoes and accessories. The collection is eco-designed, utilizing vegetable-tanned, chromium free leather, water-soluble glue and organic cotton packaging. The shoes are flexible and buttery soft, ensuring perfect comfort for little feet.

MI & ME - Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Mimi of MI & ME designs and sews each piece by hand with a keen attention to detail. From every seam, to intricate filigree snaps, Mimi's creations are sure to delight little ladies.

MI & ME hand made dresses

DONSJE - Founded by Florentine van Oosten Slingeland in 2013,  Amsterdam based brand of hand-made baby and toddler booties, warm leather hats and adorable accessories. All Donsje products are made to high standards. The shoes are super soft and flexible, perfect for first-walkers and the hats and little purses are full of whimsy.

Donsje leather booties

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